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My Music Video for Bad Tattoo + Ryan Seacrest Premiere!

Lola Coolname
Lola Coolname Nov 19, 2013

IT'S HERE. My very first music video for my song Bad Tattoo has arrived, and it premiered yesterday on The uber-colorful vid features fabulous fashionistas like Doe Deere, Natasha Lillipore, Nick Ottaviano, and more. Watch me drool blue goo, eat bananas, make it rain, and ride a tiger below!

Director: Lorenzo De Guia
DP: Reuben Steinberg
Production Design: Leila Fakouri/Madera Design
Styling: Ann-Marie Hoang

LISTEN: My New Song, Bad Tattoo!

Lola Coolname
Lola Coolname Jun 07, 2013

Hey guys! My new song, Bad Tattoo, premiered on yesterday, and now it's available everywhere else! I'm super stoked to be able to finally show y'all what I've been working on, and it's especially exciting given the other big piece of news for me this month (I co-wrote Britney Spears' new single, Ooh La La!)!

Listen below, and buy on iTunes here:

What do you think?? Hope you guys like it!! More music (and video) very soon! xoxo

Lola Blanc Attends A Screening Of The Host

Lola Coolname
Lola Coolname Mar 26, 2013

Last week I went to the Celebuzz screening of The Host (the new movie from the writer of Twilight)! Thought it was kiiinda cute, don't tell anyone! I ran into my Buzzmaker homegirls Dani Vitale and Hanna Beth there, and we took some pictures after watching the Q&A with the actors. Check 'em out!

Are you going to see The Host in theatres?

BUZZNET Obsession: Lola Blanc's Valentines Day Favorites At Blackheart

Lola Coolname
Lola Coolname Feb 11, 2013

It's almost Valentine's Day, so what better time to try on some sexy (and comfortable) items from Blackheart Lingerie? I had the most fabulous time picking out my favorite things at their shop. Watch me try on outfits and see what my picks were in this video below!

Shop all things Blackheart HERE!

GIVEAWAY: Spooky Trip To LA (And Hollywood's Most Haunted Places)!

Lola Coolname
Lola Coolname Jan 14, 2013

On my road trip last week, I slept and took photos in some awesome allegedly haunted places in Arizona, and although we didn't come across any ghosts, my craving for spooky isn't going anywhere. Which brings me to the best giveaway EVER, in celebration of The Possession coming out on DVD: A trip to LA and some scary fun to go with it! See sweepstakes information at the bottom of this blog. And on your way down, check out some of the scariest places in Los Angeles!

1.) The Queen Mary, Long Beach

This historical ship docked in Long Beach has seen the deaths of just under 50 people. Serving as both a World War II transport ship and a luxury liner, one of the ship's famous ghosts is John Henry, who was crushed to death while trying to flee a fire. Ever since, strange knocks and lights have been noticed around engine room 13 where he died. Many also see the ghost of a young third-class girl who broke her neck while sliding down the banister. She is said to wander through the pool area along with two other mysterious female apparitions. A haunted LA classic.

2.) Paul Bern House
, Beverly Hills
I love this story. MGM Producer Paul Bern lived in this house on Easton Drive with his new wife, starlet Jean Harlow, in 1932. Just several months after their marriage, Bern was found shot to death in Jean's bedroom, naked and covered in her perfume. (In part because the butler called studio executives to the house two hours before calling the police, many speculated about a murder cover-up.)

Years later, celebrity hairstylist Jay Sebring, who would later become a victim of the Manson family murders along with his then-girlfriend Sharon Tate, was living in the very same house. One night in 1966, Sharon was sleeping alone in the house and couldn't shake an uneasy feeling. While she was lying in bed with the lights on, a "creepy little man" whom she recognized as Paul Bern suddenly came into the bedroom, looking around for something. She left the bedroom in a hurry, starting down the stairs, and froze when she saw a figure tied to the staircase with his or her throat cut - not far off from the way her own life would end three years later. It then vanished. Sharon, looking for a drink, tore a piece of wallpaper without thinking. The next morning, she was convinced the whole thing had been a nightmare - until she saw where she had torn the wallpaper.

3.) The Perelson Murder Mansion, Los Feliz

In December 1959, Dr. Harold Perelson, a heart specialist, beat his wife to death with a hammer, then severely beating his 18-year-old daughter Judye while his two other children were asleep. Judye survived and ran to a neighbor's house to call for help, and when the younger children woke up and asked about the screaming, Harold told them it had only been a nightmare and that they should go back to sleep. He then drank acid, killing himself instantly. After the horrible incident, the children were sent to live with relatives and the mansion was locked up. Scary, yes? But then, a year later, a couple purchased the mansion, and though they occasionally visited and stored some possessions there, they never moved in - nor did they move the Perelson's things out. Rumor has it that the house is still in almost exactly the same state as it was that evening - including the family's Christmas gifts still on the table, and the Christmas tree in the living room. The current owner refuses to sell the home, but doesn't move in. Very mysterious.

4.) The Hollywood Sign, Hollywood

Broadway actress Peg Entwistle moved to Los Angeles in the 1930s to make a name for herself in film. She finally got a contract to act in a film called Thirteen Women, but the film did poorly and most of her scenes got cut out of the edit. When auditions were fruitless for the next few months, finally, in September 1932, the 24-year-old climbed to the top of the "H" in what was then the Hollywoodland sign and threw herself to her death, her body soon to be discovered with a suicide note in her purse. People now catch glimpses of the figure of a woman in white '30s attire lingering around the area, looking distraught.

5.) The Vogue Theater (Supperclub), Hollywood
The Vogue Theater was built on the playground of Prospect Elementary School, which burned down in 1901, killing 21 children and their teacher. It was turned into a factory before burning down again, finally becoming the Vogue Theater in 1936. From 1997 to 2001 a paranormal research society took over, using the theater as a research site and hosting psychic performances. They claimed to have cleared the theater of seven ghosts, including an projectionist named Fritz who'd died in the theater. Now a club called Supperclub, people still have ghostly encounters with the children.

6.) "Suicide" Bridge, Pasadena

The Colorado Street Bridge, nicknamed Suicide Bridge, was built in 1912 and is a gold mine of hauntings, most famous for hosting nearly 50 suicides during the Great Depression. The total is now over 100 (still about ten every year). Suicides aside, a worker who fell into the wet concrete while the bridge was first being built was supposedly left there, frozen in the cement - and, they say, calling out to potential jumpers to join him. And in 1937, when a woman threw her baby off the bridge before jumping herself, she met her end but the baby landed in a nearby tree and survived. They say she still haunts the bridge, searching for her child. Various ghosts are seen here, including a female figure in a long flowing robe who stands on the edge of the bridge and throws herself off before vanishing. Spooky.


In celebration of The Possession DVD coming out, Buzznet is hosting a sweepstakes giveaway for (1) grand prize trip for two (2) to Los Angeles, CA including roundtrip airfare, two (2) nights hotel accommodation,  two (2) tickets to a Hollywood Ghost Tour (i.e. Dearly Departed), two (2) DVD's of The Possession and $700 to be used for ground transportation and incidentals.

Check out the trailer for The Possession:

BUZZNET Obsession: Lola Blanc At Motel Rocks Show Room (VIDEO)

Lola Coolname
Lola Coolname Dec 20, 2012

So, fellow Buzzmaker Jessi Jae Joplin and I went to the Motel Rocks showroom the other day to try on some amazing holiday outfits, and Buzznet made a video to prove it - check it out!


Show Motel Rocks HERE!


GIVEAWAY: Win This Gypsy Warrior Necklace!

Lola Coolname
Lola Coolname Nov 12, 2012 recently sent me a package of fabulous items from their shop, and not only did I style my own outfits from their pieces, but now I get to give a very special item away to one lucky winner!

WIN this spike bib necklace in your choice of silver or gold!:

Amazing, right? Scroll down to see the super simple instructions on how to win this giveaway - and check out the outfits I styled with my items from the website on the way!

Floral boots
and suspender tights available at

Black mesh dress
and cross earrings available at

HOW TO WIN (it's easy!):

1.) Like Gypsy Warrior on Facebook at

2.) Like me on Facebook at

3.) Leave a comment on this post about how YOU would rock the spike bib necklace, along with your e-mail address!

International entries welcome. Winner will be announced on Monday, November 19th. Be sure to like both pages in order for your entry to count! Good luck!

Hot Topic + Lola's Halloween Editorial!

Lola Coolname
Lola Coolname Oct 22, 2012

Last week I teamed up with Hot Topic for this Halloween-appropriate editorial: me as some of my favorite horror movie villains! Rather less scary, more stylized versions of them, of course. I opted for looks that were inspired by Carrie, Pinhead, and Freddy Krueger. Check out the photos below, and shop the looks for your Halloween costume at!

Photography: Tolga Katas
Art direction: Christine Marie Katas
Makeup: Spencer Lopez; Shiran Yamen
Hair: Dottie Vee; Shiran Yamen
Set design: Ron Orr
Styling: Yours truly

CARRIE (Carrie)
Bloody tiara available from

PINHEAD (Hellraiser)
Black fishnet bustier & black lame gloves available from

FREDDY KRUEGER (A Nightmare on Elm Street)
Striped sweater, pointed chrome press-on nails, and black Bettie Page shoes available from

Thanks so much to Hot Topic for making this happen!

Like me on Facebook:

Win Lime Crime's Alchemy Makeup Giveaway!

Lola Coolname
Lola Coolname Oct 15, 2012

As you may know, I am the face and voice of Lime Crime's "Alchemy" Makeup Collection. In celebration of its release, we are giving away the collection to one lucky gal (or guy)! Win this amazing 4-piece Alchemy Set (retail value $67) by following these easy steps below!

1.) Like me on Facebook at
2.) Like Lime Crime on Facebook at
3.) Comment here (WITH your Facebook link) or on the Facebook giveaway post with your favorite item from the Alchemy collection from, and tell us why!


1.) Follow Lime Crime on Twitter at
2.) Follow me on Twitter at
3.) Tweet at @ohlalola and @limecrime about your favorite item from the Alchemy collection and tell us why!

One lucky winner will be chosen at random and announced October 22nd! International entries are welcome. Good luck!!!

NEW Song & Video For Lime Crime's Alchemy!

Lola Coolname
Lola Coolname Oct 05, 2012

You guys. Lime Crime's new makeup line Alchemy, featuring moi as the face of the campaign, is almost here - check out our spooky, witchy video commercial that just went up! There's smoke and potions and a cat, and best of all (presumably), a new song by me!

I recorded a cover of Love Potion No. 9 for the video! Listen to it below or on my facebook. Plus, in a few days the song will be available for download on iTunes. Yays all around! Check it all out below, and be sure to buy the palette & lipsticks on on October 13th!

(PS: I will be hosting a makeup giveaway next week. You will faint. Stay tuned!)

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